Welcome to the Payahuunadü Alliance



To cultivate a thriving community for the health and wellness of Payahuunadü and it's inhabitants.


The alliance

Indigenous Leaders, Educators, Artists, Speakers, Athletes, Professionals, Elders, Organizers and Activists.


the place of flowing water...

Payahuunadü is the original place name given by The Original people (Nuumü/Paiute) to the region some refer to as The Owens Valley.  Roughly translated, Payahuunadü means "The Place of Flowing Water."


core values

  • Educate future generations.
  • Honor our Ancestors.
  • Preserve and grow the tradition and language of our culture.
  • Cultivate healthy relationships between communities.
  • Protect the health and wellness of Payahuunadu.
  • Protect the health and wellness of our communities.

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